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Dead Sea Scrolls

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As For Me - Published on August 28, 2019
...     As for me, my justification lies with God.  In his hand are the perfection of my walk and the virtues of my heart.  By His righteousness is my transgression blotted out . . .      As for me, to evil humanity and the counsel of perverse flesh do I belong.  My transgressions, evils, sins, and corrupt heart belong to the counsel of wormy rot and those who walk in darkness.  Surely a man's way is not his own; neither c...
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An Ancient Testimony to God's Grace in Christ! : The Christ-Centered Theology of Many Writings in the Dead Sea Scrolls - Published on January 8, 2019
... The studies to be posted in this article will examine the crucial matter of the Christ-centered theology of many writings in the Dead Sea Scrolls. No book has been written on the subject to date that remotely deals with the true issues. Protestant and Catholic theologians are quite happy to let the matter be discussed and promoted by kooks and radicals who have no interest in the truth! I would propose that the church world does not want the real issues raised by these writings to be examined at all. ...
Bob Higby
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Some Grace Gems found in the Dead Sea Scrolls - Published on January 7, 2019
... "He will be great over the earth . . . all will worship him. . . . He shall be called great and he will be designated by his name.  He will be called "Son of God" and they will call Him "Son of the Most High" . . . His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and all His paths in truth and uprightness. . . . The sword shall cease from the land and all the provinces shall pay him homage.  He is a great God of gods. . . His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and none of the abysses of the earth shall prevail against it." - 4QAramaic Apocalypse [4Q246] Col. I:7-9; Col. II: 1,5-8...
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Dead Sea Scrolls : The Theology of the Teacher of Righteousness - Published on January 4, 2019
...You won't find anything like this anywhere.  No predestinarian scholars to date other than Bob Higby have examined the writings of the dead sea scrolls.  All they have been used for is to confirm that our scriptures today resemble the actual scriptures from thousands of years ago.   But the scrolls also contain a lot of extra writings that speak about God's Sovereign Grace. But these writings have been disregarded due to Arminian and Pelagian scholars (the canon deciders) dismissing them for the predestinarian theology which they contain.  - Brandan...
Bob Higby
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