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2019 Joplin Sovereign Grace Conference : Sep 14-15 - Published on August 28, 2019
...Speakers:  Elder Ray Hoggard, Elder Tom Tanquary, and Elder Tom Armstrong For more information, please contact Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Joplin, MO More info on Facebook...     Article Length: Very Short
2019 Rock Valley Fall Conference : Sep 13-15 - Published on August 6, 2019
...Drew Dietz will be preaching the Gospel. There will be evening services on Friday and Saturday and a morning service on Sunday. 1616 18th Street, Rock Valley, IA 51247 (605) 370-1076 If you have further questions, please contact Joe Terrell on the Rock Valley Facebook Page.  ...     Article Length: Very Short
2019 Malawi Sovereign Grace Conference : Aug 30-31 - Published on July 30, 2019
...30-31 August 2019 Lilongwe, Malawi Area 49, Dubai Alan Ison will be preaching...     Article Length: Very Short
2019 United Kingdom Sovereign Grace Gospel Conference : Sep 14-15 - Published on July 30, 2019
...Location: Milton Keynes, UK  Speaker: James Guyo Questions can be directed to James Guyo here....     Article Length: Very Short
Predestinarian Network 2006 Conference : Episode 2 : Definite Atonement - Published on February 2, 2019
...Bob Higby leads the discussion on how definite atonement relates to the Gospel....
Bob Higby
    Article Length: Very Short
1954 Sovereign Grace Bible Conference : Ashland, Kentucky - Published on January 3, 2019
...     Henry Mahan and Rolfe Barnard organized a Sovereign Grace Bible Conference in 1954. The meeting was held at the Pollard Baptist Church (Southern Baptist), Ashland, Ky. Several preachers were invited to come and minister the gospel with an emphasis on preaching the “doctrines of sovereign grace.” Those who preached at the conference were: Rolfe Barnard, Charlotte, NC. (1904-1969). B.B. Caldwell Greenville, SC. (1899-1976). George Fletcher, Hampton, Va. (1900-...     Article Length: Short
Eager Avenue Grace Church Conference Review : 2006 - Published on October 28, 2006
...This basic understanding of the cross being the entire focal point of history and the purpose of God from eternity by which the elect are constituted as righteous is something that has been absent from preaching for much too long.  It is time that all of us who claim to love the Gospel of an accomplished salvation openly submit to and rejoice in this plain truth.  If we do not understand the issue then we must be willing to examine our doctrine and even be willing to change for the sake of the truth.  If men and women are to be experientially united in Christ then we must be clear on our understanding of justification for there is not a more important doctrine in the entire bible!...
Brandan Kraft
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