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Eager Avenue Confession of Faith - Published on December 13, 2018
...PREFACE It may be unpopular today, or even undesirable to many, for any group to adopt a particular confession of faith, creed, or statement of faith. However, we at Eager Avenue Grace Church see a great need to express what we believe and what we adopt as a confession of our faith. It is easy for us to say we believe the Bible, or that the Bible is our only creed. We do believe the Bible, and the Bible is our only creed. The problem is that we are not the only group who makes such a claim. How...     Article Length: Long
Homosexuality : The Unnatural Sin - Published on July 12, 2009
...Lillja Road Baptist Church Houston, Texas 77060-5509 Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27      It will be a happy enlightenment when the Spirit enables one to see that the last four books of Moses (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) contain an exegetical commentary on the moral law of God. These writings contain an expansion of the Ten Commandments by showing the various ways each may be transgressed. Nowhere is this more evident than i...
Bill McDaniel
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Commentary on the Gospel Standard Baptist Articles of Faith : ARTICLE 24 - On Gospel Invitations - Published on July 22, 2004
..."We believe that the invitations of the gospel, being spirit and life (that is, under the influence of the Holy Spirit), are intended only for those who have been made by the blessed Spirit to feel their lost state as sinners and their need of Christ as their Savior, and to repent of and forsake their sins." As distinct from general invitations and promises of temporal benefits and national blessings, which are conditional, divine gospel invitations and promises cannot be fortuitous, but must su...
J.H. Gosden
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London Baptist Confession of 1644 - Published on July 21, 2004
...A CONFESSION OF FAITH of seven congregations (or churches) of Christ in London, which are commonly, but unjustly, called Anabaptists; published for the vindication of the truth and information of the ignorant; likewise for the taking off those aspersions which are frequently, both in pulpit and print, unjustly cast upon them. Printed in London, Anno 1646. But this I confesse unto thee, that after the way which they call heresie so worship I the God of my Fathers, beleeving all things that...     Article Length: Long
1729 Goat Yard Declaration of Faith - Published on July 21, 2004
...A Declaration of the Faith and Practice of the Church of Christ at Horsely-down, under the Pastoral Care of Mr. John Gill, &c. Having been enabled, through divine grace, to give up ourselves to the Lord, and likewise to one another by the will of God; we account it a duty incumbent upon us to make a declaration of our faith and practice, to the honour of Christ, and the glory of his name; knowing, that as with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, so with the mouth confession is made ...
John Gill
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Commentary on the Gospel Standard Baptist Articles of Faith : ARTICLE 26 - On Duty Faith - Published on July 21, 2004
..."We deny duty-faith and duty-repentance - these terms signifying that it is every man's duty spiritually and savingly to repent and believe. We deny also that there is any capability in man by nature to any spiritual good whatever. So that reject the doctrine that men in a state of nature should be exhorted to believe in or turn to God." Whatever our worthy predecessors intended by the terms of this Article, they certainly did not mean to minimize the sin of unbelief. The purpose was to rebut ...
J.H. Gosden
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The Gospel Standard Articles of Faith - Published on July 19, 2004
...I We believe in the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, and receive them as a gracious revelation of the mind and will of God (Deut. 4:2, Ps. 19:7, Prov. 30:5-6, 2 Pet. 1:19-21, Rev. 22:18-19, John 5:39); and we believe that therein are revealed all the doctrines and truths which we here state. (2 Tim. 3:15-17.) II We believe that there is but one living and true God (Exod. 3:14, Deut. 4:35, Deut. 6:4, Num. 23:19, 1 Sam. 2:2-3, Ps. 90:2, Ps. 115:3, Ps. 135:5, Ps. 139:7-10, Prov. 15:3, ...     Article Length: Long
The Doctrines of Grace (TULIP) - Published on July 11, 2004
...(These are taken from Appendix D of Steele and Thomas' ROMANS, An Interpretive Outline.) Total Depravity Because of the fall, man is unable of himself to savingly believe the gospel. The sinner is dead, blind, and deaf to the things of God; his heart is deceitful and desperately corrupt. His will is not free, it is in bondage to his evil nature; therefore, he will not--indeed he cannot--choose good over evil in the spiritual realm. Consequently, it takes much more than the Spirit's a...     Article Length: Medium
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