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An Everlasting Task for Arminians : A Letter to Rev. Edward Smyth - Published on July 11, 2004
...Note: The cause of the appearance of this work was a controversy which took place between Mr. Smyth, of St. Luke's Church, and Mr. Roby, then minister of the Independent Chapel, Grosvenor Street, Manchester. Mr. Smyth wrote a work entitled, "Paul against Calvin," to which Mr. Roby replied, and this work was issued as a further task for Mr. Smyth. The only answer that Mr. S. wrote was, that "as MR. G. had compared himself to a country rustic, he [Mr. S.] would pass him by as a good dog would in a...
William Gadsby
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Justification - Published on July 11, 2004
..."Being justified freely by his grace" Most true Christians know the word justification and most will be able to tell you they believe themselves to have been justified by faith. But what is justification and why is it so important for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to have a proper understanding of this term? Here are seven key points with respect to justification that all believers should know and understand. If we are truly to appreciate what God has done for us in the sacr...
Peter L. Meney
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The Gospel is Not an Offer - Published on July 11, 2004
...Is the gospel something to be offered to the unregenerate? A great many Christians believe so. It has long been maintained that Christ himself, or eternal life is to be offered unto the lost for their rejection. However, we are convinced that the very concept of the gospel being an offer unregenerate represents a departure from the Scriptures in at least the following four things: first, what the gospel is; secondly, the purpose or utility of the gospel; thirdly, the doctrine of total depravity;...
Gery Schmidt
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The Doctrines of Grace (TULIP) - Published on July 11, 2004
...(These are taken from Appendix D of Steele and Thomas' ROMANS, An Interpretive Outline.) Total Depravity Because of the fall, man is unable of himself to savingly believe the gospel. The sinner is dead, blind, and deaf to the things of God; his heart is deceitful and desperately corrupt. His will is not free, it is in bondage to his evil nature; therefore, he will not--indeed he cannot--choose good over evil in the spiritual realm. Consequently, it takes much more than the Spirit's a...     Article Length: Medium
The Christ of Arminianism - Published on July 11, 2004
...(Freewillism)The Bible warns us that in the last days in which we live there will be many false Christs-those who claim to be Christ but who are imposters. Jesus said, "Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many." (Matt. 24:4-5). We who profess to be Christians must take heed. We must be very careful that we are not deceived. Our calling is to trust, love, and follow the true Christ and Him only. We may have nothing to do with th...
Steven Houck
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A Shut-door Methodist Sage Enters the Lord's Presence - Published on July 11, 2004
...The revelation of the true gospel was given in its fullness only to Paul, God's chosen apostle of Grace. As a sign of this unique revelation, he was baptized in suffering more than other men (2 Cor. 12:6-10). Readers are encouraged to prayerfully study HIS testimony (the real Spirit of Prophecy) and the gospel of John until the eternal prize of knowing the true God and his only Son (John 17:3) is obtained....
Bob Higby
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Do Some Things Happen that are not Predestined? - Published on July 2, 2004
..."In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will (Ephesians 1:11)."      How far the opponents of the doctrine of absolute predestination will go never ceases to amaze those who love the doctrine of Christ.      For instance, there is an idea afoot that says, "God has predestinated some things, of course; but there are some other things whi...
C.C. Morris
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