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Hyper-Evangelism : Another Gospel, Though A Mighty Power - Published on July 26, 2004
...Historical Introduction by Sherman Isbell In Reformed circles in Scotland today, John Kennedy of Dingwall (1819-1884) is regarded as the greatest champion of the Reformed faith in the Highlands during the latter years of the nineteenth century. If Kennedy was outspoken about the dangers resulting from a superficial presentation of the gospel, he had reason to understand that saving faith can be lacking in a profession of faith made under the most orthodox of ministries. Kennedy himself had only...
John Kennedy
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Errors of Modern Evangelists - Published on July 19, 2004
...     The fundamental errors of modern evangelists are: They teach neither the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD nor the TOTAL DEPRAVITY OF MEN.   They do not teach God's UNCONDITIONAL ELECTION of a people in Christ to be redeemed by His faithful obedience and death. Instead they preach an impotent god who waits to see who will and who will not believe.   They do not teach an EFFECTUAL ATONEMENT accomplished by our Redeemer, but rather make His precious blood to be onl...
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The True Use of the Law - Published on July 11, 2004
...     It is no small matter then to understand rightly what the law is, and what is the true use and office thereof... we reject not the law and works, as our adversaries do falsely accuse us... we say that the law is good and profitable, but in his own proper use: which is first to bridle civil transgressions, and then to reveal and to increase spiritual transgressions. Wherefore the law is also a light, which sheweth and revealeth, not the grace of God, not righteousness and life...
Martin Luther
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Luther and Calvin on the Sabbath - Published on July 11, 2004
...     Luther criticized the Sabbatarian Carlstadt and certain Anabaptists for their Judiazing of Sunday: "that if Sunday were anywhere made holy merely for the day's sake or its observance set on a Jewish foundation, 'then I order you to walk on it, to ride on it, to dance on it, to feast on it, to do anything that shall remove this encroachment on Christian Liberty' " (p.17).      Calvin "regarded the external observance of the Sabbath ...
Martin Luther
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