Pristine Grace

And Now Why Tarriest Thou?
Arise and Be Baptized
by Henry Mahan

     There are people in our assemblies who have heard the gospel of Christ with the heart. They believe Him, they love Him, and they truly rest in Him as Lord and Redeemer; but they have not confessed Christ in believer's baptism. The question is asked, "Why tarriest thou?" I believe I can answer for them.

  1. They are troubled by the presence and strength of indwelling sin–"In my flesh dwelleth no good thing." 
  2. They are shocked, by the weakness of their faith. 
  3. They fear that they will fail and dishonor the Lord and embarrass the church.
  4. They are waiting for greater assurance and more grace. 
  5. They are by nature very timid and shun public demonstrations. But no such reasons are valid; for in baptism we are not confessing our holiness, but His; not our strength, but His; not our life, but His! "We are dead and our life is hid with Christ in God" (Col. 3:3).