Pristine Grace

The Lord is my Portion!
by Eileen Beckett
The Lord is my Portion!

“My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” Psalm 73:26

This truth came to mind this morning as I read the plea of a young woman who is currently discouraged in the faith. She is an open and honest young woman when many in this day and age aren’t. Seems that so many want you to think they have no struggles or thoughts that are not ‘politically correct’ but of course we all do, we are all very much human. I encouraged her to read Hebrews 11 to be reminded of the saints of old and to be reminded that our faith takes endurance just as theirs did. We can be confident that the Lord provides that very endurance to every saint even in the midst of the most difficult trials and tribulations. 

It doesn’t matter what the trial is the answer is still the same, the sweet truth of the Gospel! We can look for fulfillment in other ways; we can look for answers elsewhere, nothing will satisfy but Christ Himself and the truth of His Gospel. I know that many would see that she currently has no local ‘church’ to be a part of (as so many of us) and would blame that situation for her current discouragement but I don’t think that would hold true. I’m reminded of a young woman in the church who voiced her discouragement at being in church every Sunday and I’ve often thought that was because she was looking for fulfillment in that activity and not to Christ. I wonder, as she continues in the pew, if she has found that fulfillment yet, I hope so! 

My point is simple; nothing outside of Christ satisfies the longing heart and that is why He is our portion. Portions of other things fade away don’t they? My portion of dinner soon disappears and portions of an inheritance don’t last forever but the inheritance we have in Christ never fades away and is reserved in heaven for us.
(1 Peter 1:4

John Gill:

and my portion for ever; both in life and at death, and to all eternity; this is a very large portion indeed; such who have it inherit all things; yea, it is immense and inconceivable; it is a soul satisfying one, and is safe and secure; it can never be taken away, nor can it be spent; it will last always.

May the Lord be your portion this day and always!
Grace and Peace!