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Is She Your Wife, or is She Your Servant?
by Benjamin Keach
Is She Your Wife, or is She Your Servant?

    Contrary is the conceit of many who think there is no difference between a wife and servant but in familiarity, and that wives were made to be servants to their husbands because subjection, fear, and obedience are required of them.

    Whence it cometh to pass that wives are oft used little better than servants are. [This is] conceit and practice savoring too much of heathenish and sottish arrogance. Did God at first take the wife out of man’s side that man should tread her under his feet? Or rather that he should set her at his side next to him above all children, servants, or any other in the family, how near or dear unto him soever? For none can be nearer than a wife can, and none ought to be dearer.

Published on September 9, 2021.4 views Last updated on September 10, 2021.