Pristine Grace

No, We are Not Quarantining
by James H. Tippins

March 13, 2020

No, We are Not Quarantining

    No, we are not suspending the Lord's day gathering of the saints. No, I am not preaching on viruses and plagues. In like manner, I am not quarantining my family from each other in my house and we are not suspending meals.

    This is not an opportunity for "end times" fear, but another day in which we seek wisdom, worship as instructed, and exercise our gifts accordingly.

    If you have traveled to regions of great infection, been exposed to others from those regions, or have been diagnosed with the virus, please stay home until you are well and let us know. We will pray the Lord heals you.

    Wait, if you are infected we probably can't minister to you then. Because, after all, we can't risk exposure. Hmmmmm... see the problem? Best make sure to tell the doctors and nurses also.

    Throwing caution to the wind is foolish, but being ruled by fear of the unknown is sinful. Humanity is always looking to find a way to defeat death, overcome consequences, delay justice, escape judgment, and find peace. However, there is no possible way any human efforts can afford this outcome. God's grace is the only means through which a sinner can be justified and that is true from beginning to end.

    Jesus is the author of our faith and the finisher of it. Don't let this virus, no matter how bad it gets for all of us, to dictate your focus and how you handle truth. Beloved, trust in the Lord at all times, even if you get ill. If I die of a virus, of cancer, in a car crash, in a tornado, of a stroke, I die. But when I die, I LIVE!

    We all have an obligation to each other, not to ourselves and our households. Just like Jesus, who is God, didn't exalt Himself but became a slave to die on a cross for His people. If we don't need each other now, we can't call on each other later......