Pristine Grace

It Is Only By The Spirit's Teaching
by William Tiptaft
It Is Only By The Spirit's Teaching

    As a child of God, you are not of the world, but are chosen out of it. You are only a stranger and a pilgrim here. 

    You will meet with many professing to love the true doctrines of the gospel; but, alas! they at the same time love their sins, and too evidently show themselves to be...

  1. boasters,
  2. proud,
  3. covetous,
  4. heady,
  5. high-minded,
  6. lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

    The gospel conforms God's people to the image of His dear Son.

    It is only by the Spirit's teaching that we learn to be humble, meek, and lowly of heart; we see our helpless and lost state by nature, and are surprised to find our hearts so unclean and sinful.