Pristine Grace

by Horatius Bonar

    All these difficulties of yours have their root in the self-esteem of our fallen natures, makes us refuse to be counted altogether sinners, and shrinks from going to God, save with some personal recommendation to make us acceptable. Utter want of goodness is what we are slow to acknow¬ledge. Give up attempts to be satisfied with self in anything, great or small, faith, feeling, or action. The Holy Spirit's work in convincing of sin is to make us to be dis¬satisfied with self. God can never be satisfied with us on account of any goodness about us; and why should we attempt to be satisfied with anything, which will not satisfy Him?

    There is but one thing with which He is entirely satisfied- the person and work of His only-begotten Son. It is with Him that He wants us to be satisfied, not with ourselves. How much better would it be to take God's way at once, and be satisfied with Christ? Then would pardon and peace be given without delay. Then would the favour of God rest upon us. For God has declared that whoever is satisfied with Christ shall find favour with Him. His desire is that sinners should come to be at one with Him in this great thing. He asks nothing, save this. But with nothing else than this will He be content, nor will He receive sinners on any other footing, save that of one who has come to be satisfied with Christ, and with what Christ has done.

    Surely all this is simple enough. Does it not exactly meet your case? Satisfaction with self, even if we could get it, would do nothing for you. Satisfaction with Christ would do everything; for Christ is all. "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." Be pleased with Him in whom the Father is pleased, and all is well.