Pristine Grace

by Joseph Hussey

    Now don’t we see the same things oftentimes among the very Preachers, Pharisees and Professors? The Gospel converts them not, but angers them, as God said he would deal with the Jews by the Gospel. They know they must be emptied, ashamed, and most of what they have said and written and made a stir about, must go down, one time or another, if the Gospel be true; and this goes against the grain of flesh and blood. And as it was among the Jews, what they had been used to in Religion must go down if the Gospel was received, and nature could not buckle to the Gospel; so that they heard and heard, but gainsaying all for Antinomian that was Anti-Jewish. Why thus it has been among the Gentiles, and is so among us at this day. For are we better than they? Rom.3:9. As the Apostle says, no, in no wise. It is branded with Antinomianism if we preach the Gospel faithfully, discriminately, and leave it in the Spirit’s hand to carry it to the particularly redeemed with a Distinctive Efficacy, even to Salvation of their souls, among our hearers; and if we don’t offer Christ to all, without regarding Scripture Distinctions in limiting our message, and discriminating our doctrine, we fall {they pretend} into an Antinomian error. They are afraid that all holiness will go down, IF IT BE NOT SET UP IN THEIR LEGAL WAY; whereas I know holiness of truth {as distinguished from the cheat} actually does go down, so far as holiness is set up in their Arminian way.