Pristine Grace

Regarding the New Year
by James H. Tippins
Regarding the New Year

    Well, as I sit fighting sleep and looking over the few posts and messages on FB this evening, I realize that 2019, like all years, have been good and bad. From the perspective of life, there have been many hard blows. We've lost loved ones, battled illness, fought the good fight, and even lost a few battles. From the position of the true life, we have only had joy, fullness, and assurance of an everlasting hope that is ours in Jesus Christ our Lord. 

    So, tomorrow, while the date will change on my device calendars, it is just one more day stepping closer to the day when my short life will be done and I will see my savior face to face. I pray I am busy about the Lord's work, but not labored against the clock. I pray I can be more attentive to my family without worrying about the future. I pray I can gain more wisdom than I will knowledge. I pray I would live peacefully with others and rejoice in my sufferings like the Lord, with silence and gladness. 

    No matter. I have tomorrow, if the Lord wills, to offer these to Him. If not, then I have run the race He has laid before me and if so, I will continue to run. Not because I am able or strong, but because He is faithful and true. 

    May our joys be certain and our tears be opportunity to gaze toward glory. Together beloved, we are more than conquerors. Let's not live our lives for our goals and plans but live this day for His name's sake. As we offer "thy will be done" as the pulse of our soul.

    Oh, and happy new year everyone, I'm out. I'm the last one standing in my household... I'll see you next year, Lord willing.

    Just some thoughts from an old tired mind... 

    Soli Deo Gloria