Pristine Grace

Look Always to Christ
by James Guyo
Look Always to Christ

    There is nothing new under the sun saith the preacher. 

    God raised both the deceiver and the deceived. 

    There shall always be problems as long as the Lord tarries.

    The believer shall continue to battle with sin.  Sin is the enemy that God left in the "Promised Land" that we may continue to look to Christ. 

    There is absolutely no hope in any institution that is headed by sinners, do don't be consumed by them.

    The cross alone is the hope of a sinner.

    Everything is going to rust and perish and those who trust in the things of the world shall be left holding to straws.

    When things are looking good look to Christ,  because  you may get deceived.

    When things are looking bad look to Christ  because  you may be drowned in your  sorrow and weakness. 

    Jesus Christ is all and in all and the only sure foundation. 

    Check how you are building and what kind of bricks and mortar you have.  Some are building on sinking sand.

    Some are busy shoving new wine into old wine skins,  but they shall come unglued and spill the contents and all shall be lost. 

    Stay on the Jesus only Lane,  look always to Christ as the answer to all things.  Amen!