Pristine Grace

The Demanding Husband and the Law
by James Guyo
The Demanding Husband and the Law

     Here is the distinction BETWEEN LAW AND GRACE.

  1. The Law is the husband who demands perfection in everything that you do as a wife.
  2. When you cook, your cooking is never good and he will never thank you.
  3. When you iron his clothes, he is never happy with the way you do it.
  4. When you wear your best clothes, smell the best and have on your make up, he still calls you ugly.

     Not only that, he beats you up for your best effort.  Why? Because your best efforts do not and can never meet His high standards.

     On the other hand grace, Christ Jesus, the husband says, come to Me you who are weary and heavy laden. You who are not able to please anyone and I will give you rest.

  1. Grace says, I have forgotten all your sins and shortcomings. I have cast them as far as the east is from the west
  2. Grace says, dearest wife, you are holy, blameless and above reproach and are beautiful.
  3. Only grace bends to the sinner to lift them up. The Law never ever bends to an incomplete obedience. The Law never ever relaxes its standard.

     Many people are still deceived about the distinction between Law and grace. The Holy Spirit is He whom God has given to superitend and minister to the church, not Moses. God killed Moses in Dueteronomy before Israel entered Canaan.