Pristine Grace

Look for the Cross
Not Comfortable Chairs
by James Guyo
Look for the Cross

     The biggest enemy to your soul is believing a false gospel.

     My friends do not just go to church because that is where your family and friends go.

     You will go to Hell with your false gospel and them too.

     Sanctify the truth of Christ. If your church is not about the righteousness of Christ freely imputed you are in a synagogue of Satan. Run for your life.

     The pulpit is not for learning tricks on how to manage your family and your career in Jesus' name.

     No, not at all and it should not be. The pulpit is the place where the glory of God is declared in the finished redemption that is in the blood of Christ.

     If you think this is boring and you want a show of power and tricks you are still dead and are enemy of God.

     God will give you over to the charlatans who will take your money and milk you dry and then tell you, your blessing is still coming or is not coming because you have little faith.

     Some will say, we love our church because it is family friendly. Well every true church of Christ should be family friendly. But you should be looking for the cross not comfortable chairs and a movie theater at the church.

     People are getting deceived by foolish things because they refuse knowledge.

     We post gospel messages and few listen to them because many are afraid to hear the truth because it will turn their world upside down.

     Well, I hope and pray you surely know the Christ of God because it is the most miserable thing to not be in Christ.

     May the Lord be kind to you and flip your world upside down that you may see His way of salvation.

     It is eternal life  it to be flipped upside down by Christ here and now and be imputed With His righteousness. 

     This is free!