Pristine Grace

Your Cooperation Is Not Needed
by James Guyo
Your Cooperation Is Not Needed

     God doesn't need human will or cooperation for His will to be accomplished.  His will shall be accomplished because it is His will that His will shall be done in all things. 

     God will make everyone and everything willing in His time.  His purpose cannot fail. 

     Forget the nonsense that a creature can resist omnipotent power. 

     God will not just persuade you,  but will drag you,  destroy your little Kingdom to the ground,  mess you up to accomplish His will.

     God is not in the business of making our lives comfortable.  He is in the business of displaying His glory and accomplishing His eternal purpose. 

     And His eternal purpose may mean hunger,  sickness,  divorce, childlessness, unemployment for you for now. 

     That is the true God of the bible.

For he performeth the thing that is appointed for me: and many such things are with him. - Job 23:14