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We copy and paste our articles from a wide source of varying websites on the Internet into Pristine Grace.  We do not attempt to violate copyright restrictions, and if there is a copyright placed on the source article, our policy is to make the copyright made known on our version of the article.  We do not doctor or alter the work of the articles we find.  Further, we do not necessarily ask permission to copy articles unless the author explicitly states permission is needed. 

If you are an author and find your article posted on this website, it is because we really appreciated it in some sense and thought it would benefit our readers.  We do not charge anyone to access this site as we feel that all gospel information should be free.  Ethically, the only time we could charge someone for Gospel materials is if we were distributing costly books.  We are against the use of the Gospel for profiteering and believe that all Gospel materials (books & articles) on the Internet should be made available to all free of charge.  If you don't want your article on our website, please e-mail us here and we'll remove the requested articles asap.

Also, there are many articles on this website where we do not agree with the author 100% on every point.  We believe in gleaning truth where it can be found.  Our posting of an article is in no way an endorsemant of that particular author.  For example, Charles Wesley wrote some wonderful hymns, but we believe he was not a believing man when he penned them.  If you find an article that seems to go against the general teaching of this website, please bring it to our attention, and we'll respond to you asap.

In the Gospel of FREE Grace,
Brandan Kraft - Editor of Pristine Grace

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