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     In today's evil age, very few people who profess Christ truly understand the Gospel.  Many believe that Jesus died for all men universally and that the difference between those who are saved and not saved is the individual's "free will" decision.

     There are others who are more enlightened but yet still believe in things like the doctrine of "common grace", the doctrine of "duty-faith" or the "free offer" of the Gospel.  We believe these doctrines are erroneous and profane God's precious love for His elect.  We prefer the word "free" or "pristine" instead of the word "common" to describe grace as the Scriptures declare God's love to be found only in God's Son, and that all of Grace is of the will of God and not corrupted or stained by the will of man, hence the adjective "pristine".

     Some would also call us hyper-calvinists because we believe in the absolute predestination of all things - that is there isn't a single event that occurs that God did not predestinate.  We believe that the term hyper-calvinism is a pejorative used to discredit our writings. Nevertheless, we believe He is absolutely Sovereign! We believe He HAS saved His people from their sins.

     This website is currently operated by Brandan Kraft in St. Louis Missouri.  It is dedicated to all the brethren scattered abroad, but especially to the dear brothers and sisters I know and love in Christ.  Special thanks go out to Bob Higby, Bill Parker, Jim Casey, Greg Winegar, Eileen Beckett, Scott O’Nanski, Nicolas Laurienzo, Milton Almeida, Richard Warmack, Jim Byrd, Scott Price, John Pedersen, Craig Miklosik, Tim James, Mike Smith, my bride Angie, and too many others to list here!  

     If you are looking for Gospel Fellowship, then I can recommend the following locations: 

 Congregation Name Location Primary Speaker
13th Street Baptist Church Ashland, Kentucky Jim Byrd
Eager Avenue Grace Church Albany, Georgia Bill Parker
Grace Baptist Church Ruston, Louisiana Richard Warmack
Gospel of Grace Ministries Ross, Ohio Scott Price
Seqoyah Sovereign Grace Baptist Church Cherokee, North Carolina Tim James
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church Joplin, Missouri Mike Smith
Berean Sovereign Grace Church Columbus, Ohio James Guyo
Horizons Baptist Church Piketon, Ohio Jason Booth
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church Jacksonville, North Carolina Gary Shepard
First Baptist Church Almont, Michigan Wayne Boyd
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church The Dalles, Oregon Norm Wells

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